Hellgate’s SAVE Steps Up For a Cleaner Missoula


2021-2022 SAVE club members. Photo courtesy of Lauren Riley

Julia Key, Reporter

     Hellgate’s SAVE (Students Against Violating the Earth) club is making big strides this year in raising awareness about climate change and the environment.

     SAVE has many ongoing and new projects happening this  year, with a main focus on educating students about how they can be climate conscious.

     One of the groups current co-presidents, Lauren Riley, had a lot to say about what SAVE has in the works. “This year we want to get our name out there, and we would like to continue recycling, gardening and composting, as well as do some more community outreach, especially in MCPS (Missoula County Public Schools),” said Riley. 

     This year SAVE is working on an Elementary Outreach program. Riley considers educating students “the key to figuring out the climate crisis”.

     The Elementary Outreach program includes lessons through presentations and activities that they will share with Missoula’s K-5 students. Their goal is to make learning about climate change and the environment more exciting for elementary age kids. Riley believes teaching a younger crowd about the environment will make them more encouraged in the future to learn and speak up about the climate.

    SAVE is also working on projects within Hellgate. They currently have a greenhouse at the school and are working on doing more gardening. They also have recycling and composting, which they encourage Hellgate students to use. 

     Riley wants her fellow Hellgate students to “Come to a meeting and check it out, it’s really fun and we’re doing important work, for a really big issue.” Keep your eye out for upcoming SAVE events – they meet in room 287 on Thursdays at lunch – show up to do your part for a cleaner, more climate conscious Missoula.