2021 Hellgate Cross Country Season Starts Off With a BANG


The Hellgate Cross Country team gathering together for a cheer before a race. Photo courtesy of Hellgate Cross Country

     Fall sports at Hellgate are back in full swing, so how will this season be different for the Hellgate Cross Country (HKXC) team? 

     “I would say there’s just gonna be a lot more team dynamics and stuff because we get to actually do fun extra activities with the team…I was lucky last year I got to run at every meet, but this year, more people will get to run and it’s kind of important because it’s sort of hard to have a cross season if none of the teams can actually participate,” said Henry Schenck, a senior on the HKXC team.

     Being able to go back to the big competitions and have the same team experiences is something many members of the team are looking forward to.

     Senior Kensey May said,I’m excited to go to the races we weren’t able to go to last year [because of COVID]… bigger competitions, out in Idaho, and everywhere.” 

     This year, the team will be returning to a much more “normal” season, giving everyone a chance to go to all of the meets. Last season, only a certain number of people were able to run at each meet, so not all athletes got a chance to race.

Clare Castleberry running at Bridger Creek Golf Course in Bozeman. Photo courtesy of Aaron Derry

     “I would say, this year I’ll actually enjoy it, because last year, I think for a lot of people it was kind of sad,” said Harry McGovern. 

     Although things aren’t exactly as they used to be, HKXC is able to keep up the team experience that comes with it. “I think we’re a happy little family,” said  May.