Photo Story: Hellgate celebrates Pi Day Friday before spring break

Hellgate math teacher Alexandra (Zandy) Startin poses in front of some of the 628 pies she secured for Hellgate students to celebrate Pi Day.

Ali Caudle, Co-Editor

Hellgate math teacher Alexandra Startin loves Pi Day. An annual celebration of the mathematical constant π, it falls on March 14, representing the approximation of 3.14. 

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In 2021, March 14 was a Sunday over spring break, so Startin decided to round down a little further and celebrate the Friday before break. In an effort to bring Pi Day to the halls of Hellgate, she worked with fellow math teacher Michelle Beatty to organize an end of the day celebration. 

To avoid sharing open food during the COVID-19 pandemic, Startin went the route of mini, individually packaged pies. She applied for and received a small grant to purchase pies for students. Principal Judson Miller gave her some additional funds, and she set out to find as many mini pies as possible. 

After many phone calls to Walmart and an afternoon of driving around town, Startin managed to round up 628 mini pies — 3.14 doubled and multiplied by 100, of course. 

These pies were laid out in the lower commons at the end of the day Friday. As students flocked out the doors on their way to spring break, they stopped by to pick up their pie. 

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The pies were laid out on the counter in the commons for students to grab as they left the school building. (Ali Caudle)


Hellgate math teacher Alexandra (Zandy) Startin poses in front of some of the 628 pies she secured for Hellgate students to celebrate Pi Day. (Ali Caudle)


Each mini pie was approximately 4 inches wide. (Ali Caudle)


Some teachers released their classes a few minutes before the bell, to allow them to grab their pies and go before the large crowd hit. (Ali Caudle)


There were five flavors for students to choose from: blueberry, lemon, peach, cherry and apple.


The stacks of pies were big. (Ali Caudle)


They were very, very big. 628 pies is a whole lot of pies. (Ali Caudle)


Approximately 30 seconds after the bell rang, the crowd of hungry students started to rush in. (Ali Caudle)


Both sides of the counter became pie grabbing aisles. (Ali Caudle)


Hellgate students carefully looking at and choosing a pie flavor. (Ali Caudle)


Hellgate students picking up their chosen pie. (Ali Caudle)


Hellgate students walking away with their pies. (Ali Caudle)


Michelle Beatty helped Startin organize the Pi Day celebration. She chatted with some of her students as she watched over the pies. (Ali Caudle)


The pies were very popular with the students. (Ali Caudle)


The first flavor to disappear was lemon. (Ali Caudle)


Startin was enjoying herself, shouting, “Come get your pies! One pie per student! Happy Pi Day!” (Ali Caudle)


As the crowd started to thin out, Startin looked down the halls to find more people, trying to give away the remaining pies. (Ali Caudle)


Beatty and Startin discussed what to do with the remaining pies. (Ali Caudle)


Beatty and Startin smile in front of stacks of pies. They were happy they organized all of this and that it went so smoothly. (Ali Caudle)


Pi Day Friday at Hellgate was a success. (Ali Caudle)