Hellgate’s Spirit Showcase Dazzles

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

     Hellgate cheer and dance have been working hard on routines all year. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the teams are unable to perform their routines at basketball games. As of now, cheer and dance are only able to perform sidelines at the games. The Hellgate dance and cheer team coaches decided that due to lack of performances, they would put on a Spirit Showcase. This is an opportunity for just the two teams to perform the routines they have been working on for their friends and families. These routines were also filmed and sent to a virtual competition.

     Annika Charlson has been coaching the Hellgate dance team for two years now. She said, “The Hellgate Spirit Showcase was a wonderful way to highlight the dance and cheer teams here at HHS. It was nice to have a night that was solely dedicated to the spirit teams. These athletes were the ‘main event’ which the spectators were coming to watch for the night.” 

The Hellgate Cheer Team poses for a picture after the Spirit Showcase (photo courtesy of Annika Charlson)

     Charlson continued, “The night as a whole went extremely well and was a great success! All spectators who were in attendance were family and friends of the dance and cheer members. There were many compliments towards the two teams, most saying how amazed they were at the talent and dedication the two spirit teams have. All comments made by spectators about the night could not have been more positive. Another goal of the night was to film all of the routines performed to submit to virtual dance and cheer competitions next month. This went very smoothly, and both dance and cheer coaches were very pleased with the outcome of their team’s performances. 

     She added, “The last thing that was included in the Spirit Showcase was our Senior Night. This year, we honored dance senior Susan Sirrs and cheer senior Cassidy Martin. It was nice to take a moment to recognize the many hours that these two have been dedicated to their teams in front of all dance and cheer fans.” Sirrs has been on the dance team for all four years of high school. She said, “I think the showcase was really fun. It highlights the spirit teams that are often overlooked at the games we perform at. We work really hard as well. It’s nice to have a night that’s all about us and our accomplishments.” 

     Anna Stensrud, a freshman and a first year dance team member said, “I really enjoyed the Spirit Showcase this year! I loved watching all of the cheer’s performances!” 

The Hellgate Dance Team poses with coach, Annika Charlson (photo courtesy of Annika Charlson)

     When asked if the Spirit Showcase should be an annual event, Charlson said, “Yes, I believe we should have the Hellgate Spirit Showcase each year. This event originally sparked from the low number of performance opportunities this year due to COVID precautions, but I think it is an annual event that we will continue to put on. Hopefully in the future we can open the stands up to the school and to the public, as the dance and cheer teams love to perform for a large crowd to spread school spirit!” Stensrud added, “I would like for the showcase to be an annual event, however I would love to perform at more games next year.” Sirrs said, “I’d definitely suggest it becomes a yearly event.” 

     Both the cheer and the dance teams did an amazing job at the Spirit Showcase. We can hope that this continues as an annual event and that it will be opened to a larger crowd. For now, the cheer and dance teams will be wrapping up their season and performing a few more sidelines at basketball games.