The Wisdom Teeth Willies – Your Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal and the Best Foods from Costco for After Surgery

Maggie Vann, Reporter

     If you’re reading this, there’s a fair chance that you know someone who has recently had their wisdom teeth removed, or you’re about to get your wisdom teeth removed. As a junior in high school, I know how horrifying it sounds to be put under anesthesia and have four teeth ripped out of your mouth. However, I’m here to tell you that with a few simple steps, some minor precautions, and soft food, you’ll be sure to make it through with a smile on your face. 

     The majority of people need to get their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their life. This could be for a number of reasons: it’s possible they are coming in at a wacky angle, shifting your beautiful teeth around, are causing pain as they are impacted into your mouth, trapped in your jaw or gums,  or simply that your mouth might not be large enough to hold four extra teeth. For any of the above reasons, you’ll likely end up getting your wisdom teeth removed. As wisdom teeth removal gets closer, it’s important to be well informed on your minor surgery. 

     First, your oral surgeon will discuss what the procedure will look like prior to your surgery. This is important because your surgeon will most likely recommend not eating or drinking after midnight before your surgery. This is due to the fact that under a general anesthetic, the body’s reflexes are temporarily paused. If your body has food or drink in the stomach, there is a risk of vomiting which could damage your lungs and affect breathing. It’s also important to know that you will need a parent or guardian with a vehicle when the day comes to have them removed. You definitely don’t want to be driving immediately after the surgery due to the fact that your brain will be loopy, tired, or not completely in tune with the world around you. I would also suggest a sibling or friend with a camera to catch your ridiculous behavior, along with some sort of drink to get the taste of blood and dry feeling out of your mouth. 

     There are going to be one of two things on your mind after the anesthesia starts to wear off based upon me and my sibling’s experiences. The first thing is that you’re extremely tired and want nothing else but to sleep. The second is the realization that you haven’t eaten all day, and now you have no idea what to eat. From my exposure to wisdom teeth foods, here are a few of my personal favorites: 


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       This delicious Pacific Foods Organic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup from Costco comes in a 6 pack with 32 oz. per bottle. The pack is only $14.92 ($2.49 each). This meal is super easy to warm up over the stove, and has a creamy texture to soothe your aching mouth. 

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     2 packs of 24 oz. Ivar’s Puget Sound Clam Chowder, is $12.43 ($.26 per oz). I personally love Clam Chowder, and this product’s easy over-the-stove heat up process and delicious flavor is perfect for lunch or dinner.  

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     Do you think you’ll get a craving for fruit while sitting on the couch with a swollen mouth? Then this 4 lb Daybreak Blend of peaches, mangos, strawberries, and pineapple is perfect for you. It is beyond easy to throw a handful of this frozen mix into the blender and finish with a delicious smoothie and it’s only $11.18. 

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       This Kirkland brand Basil Pesto contains 22 oz. of delicious goodness, and can be paired with many foods! Personally, I love pairing it with the Five Cheese Tortelloni. This delicious, soft meal combines noodles with pesto with rich cheese that will melt away in your mouth, and the total price is only $23.61 and can serve up to five people!

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     One item I was craving while sitting on the couch was the Less Sugar Greek Yogurt from Chobani. This yogurt pack contains 4 containers of raspberry, lemon, cherry and blueberry for a total of 16 yogurt cups. It is only $15.18, and definitely one of my favorites. 

     These are just a few of my favorite meals from when I got my wisdom teeth removed. I also enjoyed pudding cups, popsicles, jello, and of course, ice cream. Be sure to stock up on delicious soft foods prior to your wisdom teeth surgery, which are definitely the highlight of wisdom teeth removal. 

     Overall, don’t be too apprehensive of the day when you have to get your wisdom teeth removed. With the right snacks, tv shows, and downtime, you will be back to your ‘normal’ self in no time. However, be sure to avoid drinking out of straws, and wash the openings where your teeth were every day to prevent infection. Other than these minor tips, enjoy your few days off of school or work, and kick back with a cup of pudding.