Hellgate Students Consider the Semester Two Format

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

     As we are nearing the end of semester one, we have to think about what the format for semester two is going to look like. The Hellgate Lance wanted to know what students would suggest for class formats as we approach the second semester. Between pandemic concerns and discussions about what school should look like, students have many different opinions. 

     For all of semester one, students had two options; they could choose to do school all online or in the hybrid system. The hybrid system is when students with A-K last names go to school on Tuesday and Wednesday and have online school Thursday and Friday. Students in the second half of the alphabet with last names L-Z have online school on Tuesday and Wednesday and go to school in person on Thursday and Friday. 

     In the hybrid system, you have 3 blocks and 2 classes per block. Each block is three weeks, so you only have two classes for three weeks then you switch to the next block. In school, the two classes are a little over two hours each. Therefore, when you are in-person you have a two hour class in the morning, go to lunch, return for a two hour class, and then go home. 

     Online school and the hybrid system do have some things in common and one is that there is no school on Monday. The hybrid and all online are similar because there are only four days of school and 6 classes as opposed to 7. However, in the online academy Tuesdays and Thursdays are periods 1 through 3. Wednesdays and Fridays would be periods 4 through 6. Those two days alternate every week. Ian Rassmussen, a student in the Missoula Online Academy, said, “In general it is pretty easy and simple”. 

     The Hellgate Lance wanted to know what students would suggest for class formats as we approach the second semester. Rassmussen said, “I like being online, and I feel like if I went back to normal school for the second semester, I would only want to go back if the cases get better or it goes back to a normal schedule. I learn better by having all of my classes in the same week and not having two classes for a long period of time. I feel like I would not learn as much and I would forget a lot of material.” 

     Elena Vesovich is a junior at Hellgate who chose to do the hybrid schedule. She said, “I like that we have time to sleep in. I think the later start works really well. My sleep schedule is actually normal these days. I just wish that we had like 3 classes in a day because it’s hard to focus for 2 hours. I would rather keep it the same than doing all online.” Vesovich thinks that Hellgate should stick to the same hybrid schedule because it seems to be working for her and most people. 

     Katelynn White chose the hybrid schedule like Vesovich. White is a senior at Hellgate. She said, “I think the hybrid schedule is easier because we’re really only having to focus on two classes at a time so it’s easier to pass. I like the schedule we have now honestly. I wouldn’t suggest a different format.” White brings up a good point when she says we only need to focus on 2 classes. This ultimately makes students less stressed because they only have to focus on 2 classes as opposed to the usual 7. 

     Most students like this hybrid schedule even though it isn’t necessarily ideal. The system has its positives and negatives. It is much less stressful for students because they only have to deal with 2 classes for three weeks instead of seven classes. What do you think the format should look like for semester two?