Say What?! Student Holiday Traditions

Maggie Vann, Reporter

     Christmas, Hanukkah, and other traditions are just around the corner. From different cultures, to fun family time, the students at Hellgate have a full heart and a spirit for their traditions, here are a few in their own words. 



Karissa Morimoto- Senior

     My favorite part about Christmas is spending time with my family. We all live in different states so it’s nice to spend time together celebrating a holiday we all love. As for a tradition, it’s kind of embarrassing, but my mom makes me and my siblings wear matching Christmas T-shirts every year.

Photo by Sabryn Knight




McKay Whiting- Junior 

     My favorite part about Christmas is visiting family and friends that I usually don’t get to see, and a unique tradition I do with my brothers is we build a fort on Christmas Eve, watch Elf, and sleep in the fort. We’re not allowed to watch Elf until Christmas Eve, or else we are in big trouble!

Photo by Lauralee Whiting




Justin James- Senior

     My favorite part about Christmas is getting to spend time with all of my family, and getting to see the faces of my little cousins and siblings light up when they get just what they wanted when they open up their presents. Since my family is mainly German, we follow their tradition of opening our presents on Christmas Eve and spending the whole Christmas Day just being together with family.

Photo by Jenna James



Sophia Miller- Freshman

     My favorite part about Christmas is that it is time that is set aside every year to spend time with family. My family doesn’t have any traditions in particular, but we always make a point of trying to spend the holidays with parts of our family, other than just our immediate family. All in all, I love that the holidays are a time of the year that we are able to celebrate with our families.

Photo by Nerissa Koehn