A Masked Miracle

Maggie Vann, Reporter

     People talk about Christmas miracles all the time, but nobody ever thought Santa Clause being able to deliver presents would be one of them. With only weeks until Christmas, Santa is hard at work, but what if this year was different, and not even he would be able to lurk? 

The kids still lay in bed, as sugar plums danced in their heads, but something was different, and Santa’s big plans were intercepted by a global pandemic.

     Thousands upon thousands of elves bore a mask, and rubber gloves were scattered as they attempted to complete their tasks.

Old Saint Nick with a mask preparing to deliver presents on Christmas Eve

     The spectacles on Santa’s nose fogged up because of the mask. After all, he needed to protect Mrs. Clause from this virus. 

     Sanitizing wipes were spread around the magical sled, and Rudolf’s nose was extra, extra red.

     As Christmas Eve approached, the big question lingered: would they be able to deliver presents to the kids? Santa twiddled his fingers. 

     It was dangerous for an old fart like Santa to travel the world with a killing virus, and if he spread it even further it would be a downright disaster!  

     The night of Christmas Eve, kids all around the world wondered if there would be presents under the tree when they woke the next morning.

     Although there was doubt and fear, Santa made a promise to deliver presents each year. 

     Mrs. Clause helped the elves load all the presents in the sleigh, and she said, “Farewell!” as they flew out of sight.

     Whether a pandemic or a storm, Santa doesn’t disappoint, and this year a masked miracle emerged through the snow. Old Saint Nick couldn’t bear to see the kids gloomy on the most wonderful day of the year.