Say What?! 10:00 A.M. Start Time

Maggie Vann, reporter

     Before COVID-19 seemingly took over the world, 93% of high school students started school before the CDC’s recommended start time of 8:30, according to the 2014 School Health and Policies and Practice Study. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends teenagers aged 13-18 should receive 8-10 hours of sleep per night to achieve good health and school focus. Teens who do not receive the recommended amount of sleep are more likely to be overweight, not engage in physical activity, suffer from depression, engage in drinking, smoking or other unhealthy behaviors, and not perform as well in school. 

     Did COVID-19 actually engage more students at Hellgate because of the 10:00am start time? Four students from Hellgate High School provide their opinions. 


Photo by, Audrey Warren


Mia Jakob- sophomore 

      I enjoy the later start time but am not a fan of the later time of departure. Starting school at 10:00 is nice rather than at 7:50 because I don’t have to get up as early, but I would like it to start earlier than 10:00 but later than 7:50. In doing so we wouldn’t waste the morning and then we would have a decent amount of time in the afternoon. I do not hope the 10:00 am start time continues next year.



Photo by Baret Wallace

Ryder Stipe- junior 

     I like the 10 am start time because I don’t feel super tired when I get to school, like I did when the start time was at 7:50. It also gives me time in the morning to finish homework if I was unable to get it done the night before. I hope it does [continue] because I’ve noticed my grades are better than usual in classes that I find harder because I’m not as tired as I usually am.


Photo by Jordan Freer

Wilson Freer 

     I really like the 10:00 am start time because high school age kids need more sleep and starting school later makes it possible to do that. It is also a lot less stressful for me because I can wake up in the morning and have a lot of time to do what I need to to get ready without having to rush. I do hope that they continue with the 10:00 start time because, once again, we need more sleep and have a different sleep cycle too, and I feel like it would just make students feel more engaged or willing to learn.

Photo by Sophia Geranios

Zara Morris- Senior 

     Yes, I love it because it allows me to sleep in on the mornings and my zero period is only at 9! I think it would be awesome if they kept the late start time next year, even though I won’t be at Hellgate.