Border Collies: A New Best Friend

Sierra Meissner, Reporter

     Border collies are one of the most popular herding dogs in the world. They are extremely smart and very energetic, perfect for rounding up sheep and cattle. Many border collies are also used as search and rescue dogs because they are so intelligent and have a sense of smell far stronger than humans. They are most famous for their athleticism because most dog breeds start to slow down and get old around seven years old, but border collies don’t even begin to outgrow the “puppy stage” until they turn three or four. Many working border collies can live as long as 18 years or more! 

     This species of dog first came from England’s Scottish-bordering county of Northumberland and have been used for herding livestock for around 300 years. They are also commonly put into shows and competitions to compete against other herding dog breeds such as blue heelers, Australian shepherds, and Belgain sheepdogs. There are 25 herding dog breeds and border collies are ranked in the top three because they are much faster than other herding dogs breeds. They are medium sized dogs, males weigh about 30-45 pounds and females weigh about 20-30 pounds.   

     Morgan Meissner owns a border collie named Maia. “She is about three years old but still has the energy of a puppy. She shows a lot of herding instinct, especially when playing with other dogs she will nip at their heels. Maia needs a lot of attention or else she will act out by chewing on things. She is one of the nicest dogs and she loves all people and works great with other dogs” says Meissner. Even though not all border collies work on a ranch or farm they still have the herding instinct in their blood. 

     Even though border collies were bred to herd livestock they are great companion dogs as well. Herding dogs love to play fetch with their owners, and are very well behaved. This breed of dog has to cooperate with their owner in order to do their job, especially if that job involves herding. They are perfect for adopting!