How to not dread the week before spring break

Audrey Warren, reporter

     We all know how hard the week before spring break can be. Teachers are lining up tests and assignments left and right. You and your teachers most likely know that your brain is not even close to being in “work mode.” You have been focused on not having to go to school weeks in advance, and have checked out long before the Monday before you’re free.

     Let’s start off with supplying yourself with snacks to eat during your classes (that your teachers allow you to eat in) so you won’t randomly get hungry or even tired due to not eating enough food. Goldfish will always hit the spot, along with cookies, candy, and anything else you find appealing. One healthy option is  a good old veggie bag which includes cucumber slices, pepper slices, carrot sticks and any other veggies. You could also eat some delicious granola bars, or even some grab-and-go oranges, apples, kiwis, and even bananas to satisfy your dietary needs.

     Lucia Baker, a sophomore at Hellgate, says she’s keeping her head low and just pushing through the week day by day and trying to get all assignments turned in and done so she doesn’t have assignments to do on the last night of the break. “Keeping my school work at school and out of school for me time,” Baker said. She’s hoping the week will go by fast and she will be on a plane out of Missoula in no time.

     Aside from supplying yourself with endless snacks and keeping your head low, there are some other things that you can definitely do that might make the week easier, like getting more sleep than you think you need, because then you’re not sleepy in class. You will feel awake and your day might be more enjoyable. Eat a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner, then there will not be high amounts of excessive snacking, or it could lower the time that you spend snacking. Lastly, be outside, whether it’s a run, hike, walk or just sitting in the sun and enjoying it can make being inside a little more bearable.

     All and all teachers and students know that this week is terrible. It compares to the last few days before school is out for summer, as you spend time wishing you were doing something else then just sitting inside all day. You’re ready to be somewhere else and have this break, so get your sleep, eat your food, and get ready for your spring break, day by day.