Kaitlin Bennett: The Woman Afraid of Urinals, but not Guns

Sophia Geranios, Reporter

Kaitlin Bennett, otherwise known as “gun girl” for her graduation photos from Kent State University where she posed with an AR-10, has recently started a Youtube channel called ‘Liberty Hangout’ where she films herself walking around college campuses asking students questions on gun laws, abortion, trans rights, and much more, despite the fact she does not actually attend these schools nor pay to be there.

Kaitlin Bennett interviews a student.

In the past few months, users have been posting videos of these interviews on the popular video sharing app TikTok. This has granted her sudden infamy across social media and throughout American college campuses. Students have begun to greet her arrival on campus with riots; cursing her out, throwing things, and filming her. Bennett’s main response to threats on her safety is the simple yet chilling three syllable statement “I carry”. Perhaps she used this never-seen-before gun she supposedly has on her at all times to scare the deans of these numerous college campuses into permitting her to carry, because unless these are the few states that delightfully enough allow this, it is truly a mystery how she manages to bring an automatic weapon onto school grounds. 

Rather that than some tampons in the men’s restroom though, right? Besides flexing the 2nd Amendment on college students, Bennett also enjoys being homophobic and transphobic. Something that keeps her up all night tossing and turning in her cozy Confederate flag bed is the mere idea of a urinal in the women’s restroom. Terrifying. To bring a little Kaitlin Bennett joy to Hellgate, here are a few students’ responses to some of her favorite questions. 


How would you feel if tampons and other sanitary products were placed in the men’s restroom?

Student 1- “I wouldn’t really care. I would probably giggle a bit.”

Student 2- “A bit uncomfortable”

Student 3- “I think they would be helpful for people that need them, but I would worry that some would treat them as a joke instead of a positive addition.”


How would you feel about putting urinals in the women’s restroom?

  Student 4- “It would be sick, a nice addition. I support”

Student 5- “I would use it myself. Jk. I wouldn’t care.”

Student 6- “I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. I feel like it would be even better if the school just had single bathrooms.”


Interesting. It almost seems as if the Hellgate community has overall much more support for equality in their pinky fingers than Kaitlin Bennett has in her whole body. Now, exclusively for research purposes, let’s see how the same students would respond to one of my own questions.


How would you feel if someone (perhaps a blonde woman with a name like Kaitlin Bennett) carried a gun onto your school campus?

Student 1- “Scared. I would feel endangered whether it was valid or not.”

Student 2- “Uncomfortable, I guess.”

Student 3-” I would feel very unsafe if someone were to do that, regardless if they had a permit or not. Just like in airports and hospitals, you should not be allowed to carry guns in school.”

Student 4-“I would feel uncomfortable and unsafe.”

Student 5- “Scared, uncomfortable, mad.”

Student 6- ”I would have the urge to run away very fast.”


Intriguing responses. Overall these responses seem to support the shocking conclusion that students would actually feel more uncomfortable and unsafe if someone carried a gun onto their school campus than if the school made their bathrooms trans-friendly. 

Self-proclaimed person of color, gun girl, and selective listener of facts, Kaitlin Bennett is a representation of all the ideologies that hold society back from progressing into an accepting and welcome place for all. One of these places that should especially be these things is a school campus, and it should continue to be that way.