Stressed? Try These Relievers

School, work, relationships, and a change in something you do can all play a big role in your life when it comes to stress. It can make a good day bad, and can make you feel so overwhelmed to the point where you don’t feel like doing anything so you just lay in bed all day hoping to get the drive to do something. Stress can also  cause depression just because you get in your head too much about it. Teens are more likely to show their stress and get it worse just because we don’t know how to handle things. Here are some ways to help let go of all your stress. 

Exercise is important, because when you are doing something physical, such as running, pumping iron, dancing, or whatever you like to do, your mind just gets to relax because you are getting it all out while doing it. Putting physical stress on your body and letting it go from your mind can make you feel very relieved. Normally, this works best for people who do some sort of physical activity regularly, and it also helps because when exercising regularly, you get rid of anxiety and stress in the process. 

When considering supplements to help reduce stress, it is important to understand what you are choosing from.. Lemon balm has been studied for its anti-anxiety effects, and  green tea provides many health benefits and tends to lower stress and anxiety levels. There are also things such as certain oils that will help you fall asleep, and sleep is a really big part of keeping a good stable mental health. 

One thing that you always hear people saying is to “Write it down.” Write how your day was, and what might be bothering you at the time, or anything. With this, you don’t have to make it a thing you do everyday, and you don’t have to write for very long, just as long as you get some of your thoughts down and feel a breath of relief. You can look up prompts, or write about whatever because it’s for you. Along with that, writing down your feelings can be as private as you want it to be, as only you are reading it.

Spending time with friends and family can help a huge amount, because you are around people that you like and that can make you feel happy, smile, and laugh. Doing this also just gives you a reminder that you do have people that care about you, and ones that will be there for you. It makes you feel wanted and good knowing you have a group to rely on.  

A big one that some people have a really hard time with is learning to say no. This is one of the relievers that are more in your control than others. You can take control over the parts of your life that are making you stressed. With this it’s never good to take on more than you can handle, so saying no is a really positive change to your stress life.  

Tis the season for cuddling… Cuddling and positive body activity with your partner can help release oxytocin and lower cortisol. We humans aren’t the only ones who cuddle to relieve stress, as chimpanzees do it as well. Who doesn’t love a good squeeze? 

Pets play a big role in helping you calm down and making you feel good. Pets can make your stress go down,  and can improve your mood. Having a pet can also keep you busy and keep going, and as well as give you a companionship. 

Always remember to take time for yourself so that you can have a good mental relationship with you and your body. Also, make sure to be around the people you want to be around.