Mr. Boyles, One of Hellgate’s Science Teachers

Robort Boyle’s I don’t even know where to start. I was lucky to get him for my Biology teacher this year. He is one interesting teacher, he is one that I would definitely recommend or hope to get. He is not only a good teacher but one that you will never forget. Boyles is one of the teachers who likes to do more than one thing at once. He is a multitasker, not only in the classroom but also on the field. Not only does Boyle’s teach he also a Hellgate Football Coach.

Boyles has been a teacher here at Hellgate since  2009, putting him in his 11th year. His dad and are both in the education field and that drove him to get into education himself.

 Boyles said, “I thought from what I’ve learned from engineering can really teach in a way to really connect with kids.” 

“I really enjoy being with kids in a classroom so that is really what got me motivated,” said Boyles. Boyles really likes the spirit in general that the school brings, not only the school but all the good positive attitudes that the kids bring just make the day feel better.

 “I really like to help kids understand that they can do things they didn’t think they could do, and just having fun and in class making it more than just a rigid system.” Boyle’s loves to know when the kids leave a science class they aren’t that bad and scary.

 “I think being a coach helps you blow off some steam.” Being in a class room all day is hard sometimes so being able to go out and help kids in a sport that he loves I’m sure is super relaxing and enjoyable.  

 Not only has boyles taught biology and physics he has also taught physical science, zoology, and earth and space. Not only is he caring in the classroom but he watches out for the student outside of the classroom and he cares about their emotions and how they are doing. “It’s fun when kids get into colleges that they wanted,” said Boyles.

 “Motivating kids to want to do things and I can get to them both through teaching and coaching is what it’s all about,” said Boyles.