Winter Break is Officially Over

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

     Coming back from winter break is always a struggle, but this year it seems to be harder because the winter break was 16 days long. Overall, everything seems to be a bit off, like sleep schedules and routines. You have to figure out how to get back into the routine of waking up early, going to school, going back to work, possible after school commitments, homework, and more. The sad news is that it’s not a gradual come back, you have to jump right into your schedule that you haven’t done in a little over 2 weeks. 

     The Hellgate Lance wanted to know how students felt about coming back to school, and how it is going for them. The people interviewed were asked what the most difficult part of coming back to school was, along with, how school is going so far after the break. Griffin Kinch, a sophomore at Hellgate High said, “the sleep schedule.” The schedule can be difficult to get back into, and might take some time. Kinch says school is going “very bad” after being back from break so far. Junior Katelynn White explained that the most difficult part for her is “getting a bunch of homework and having to do school work again. Also having [her] sleep schedule be all wack.” 

     Freshman, Solvei Waltz responded that “The hardest part about coming back to school is the stress about finals”. This would most likely be especially hard on freshmen because they have never gone through finals and don’t exactly know what to expect. Waltz said “It’s also really hard to focus on classes because there is a lot of stuff happening outside of school”. Madi Lokowich, who is a senior, replied “the hardest part is waking up on time.”

     Over winter break, you get so used to maxing and relaxing that returning to school can be really difficult. You were skiing, sledding, sleeping, watching movies, basically not having to do much and suddenly reality hits. You still have school, or a job, or sports to attend to on Monday. I think that we all dread that Monday, the first day coming back to everything. Coming back is very difficult, but it gets better along the way.