No Shave November Part 2… 

Audrey Warren and Gabi Wilson

      No-Shave November has ended, and the Knights haven’t exceeded our expectations. They are proud to say that they raised cancer awareness, and that they grew a beard for part or all of November, as they all at least lasted two thirds of the month. 

     When we followed up with Max Jakob and Chris Ledyard, the two men who were interviewed in “No-, they had completed No Shave November to a certain extent. Max Jakob shaved on November 20th, and Chris Ledyard shaved on December 1st. Although Max didn’t quite make it the whole month he gave it his best effort. 

     Max Jakob caved while growing his beard. His friends, peers, and family began to make fun of him for the facial hair he was growing. Though his peers supported his efforts, his beard was looking “rough.” Max expressed that his beard was already better than it was last No Shave November two thirds of the way through this november. Maxs failed where obviously quitting No Shave November and shaving his beard. However his sideburns were what he was most proud of. “They were full and looked the best out of all of my facial hair” Max said about the description of his face during this time. While Max had his beard, he said it made him feel happy because he knew that he was joining together with peers and spreading cancer awareness, and that overall just made him happy to be participating. Even though Max was quite spirited in his No Shave November at the start, he was a “fallen soldier”, what max called himself after shaving his beard. Max stuck it though until he couldn’t anymore and is proud of the two thirds of November he accomplished with his somewhat full beard.

     Chris ledyard stuck it out until the very end and shaved on December 1st with great happiness to get his hair off his face. “It went truly amazing” Chris said, when asked how the month went. At times he was unmotivated because a lot of his friends dropped out of No Shave November also because is family would make fun of him giving his older brother, Henry, (and alumni of Hellgate) can grow a full and actually nice looking beard. Chris on the other hand is unable to complete the bearded look of his dreams. However this didn’t stop Chris. He stuck it through the rough patches and made it until the end. Chris successes were his full stache and his little goatee he had going. Chris wished his neck was fuller because he can’t quite figure out how to grow it to not look patchy. “Maybe next time some growing ointment will help” Chris said jokingly (not). Overall Chris felt like he deserved to shave on December 1st. He picked up that razor with great pride and was ready to shave his beard. Aside from being thrilled to shave, Chris said that No Shave November made him happy to see what happens when you don’t shave for a month and again, helping raise awareness for cancer alongside your friends.

     We are proud of these Knights and all they accomplished this month with their facial hair. Join together to raise cancer awareness impacted them and made them feel thankful for the ability to grow hair on their face, which many may take for granted. So embrace the flow and be grateful for what you have. These boys where doing something that made them joyful and happy because they were supporting a cause that they care about. No shave november, until next time.