The Dangers of Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is known for its delicious food. Take, for example, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce. There is always a bad side of a good story. The catch in this situation is that there is always something waiting to go wrong. Here are some of the backfires to the foods you look through the most. 

First, let’s start off with what everyone looks forward to the most: the main course of your meal, the turkey, or ham, or whatever meat you have for Thanksgiving. Unless you cook it too long, there is really nothing to worry about with this. If you undercook your meat, it’s okay, because it can always go back in the oven. Something that makes a turkey 100 times better, and I look forward to every year, is when my mom wraps it in bacon, yummy! 

Now onto the side dishes, as in mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and corn. Mashed potatoes are most people’s favorite, with that amazingly good homemade gravy on top. Though mashed potatoes are a fan favorite, some people don’t like their potatoes mashed, and here is when the scary stuff happens. You think it is ok to eat that cooled off potato and it’s not going to ruin your tastebuds or the top of your mouth.  Even when you think that the potato is cool, give it an extra minute, for the extra protection of your mouth. With stuffing, nothing could really go wrong, unless you just don’t like it. Corn is another big one, and that goes for corn on the cob and canned corn. When you bite into a bright yellow cob of corn, its kernels could very quickly get stuck in your teeth and never want to come out. With canned corn you could get it caught in the back of your throat and easily choke on it. 

My personal favorite part is dessert! This is the part where you get to just eat out your feelings. With desert, there is no real bad part, unless you are allergic to some ingredients, or just don’t like it, but who doesn’t like a nice rich piece of pie, or a warm chocolate chip cookie? Dessert is just too good to pass up. 

Thanksgiving is one of the days that a lot of people look forward to, but no one really thinks about how bad it could get. To wrap it up, the person eating the food might not like what you made, and then you feel bad because they will still be hungry. Though it has its risks, Thanksgiving is a great time for people to not like one thing but love another.