Thanksgiving Food

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

Thanksgiving, what a wonderful time to gather together with family, and eat food. The only problem is that most of the food is not liked by all. Thanksgiving food is very controversial. Some people like the cranberry sauce, some people don’t. Others like the potatoes mashed with skins on while some like them mashed with no skins. Everyone claims how much they love the typical Thanksgiving meal. In reality, they don’t. If it’s so amazing and they like it so much, then why only eat the meal one time a year? 

First let’s talk cranberry sauce. This food is strange because you either like it, don’t like it, or you just don’t mind it. Sometimes it can be way too watery. When it’s like this it’s not too enjoyable. The dinner rolls always seem to be on point. Is there anyone who absolutely hates the rolls? I don’t think so. The turkey depends on how its made. Sometimes it’s too dry or too crisp. People always seem to enjoy the turkey in the end. Pumpkin pie seems to always be a favorite as well. It’s just too good!

Sophomore, Robby Luceno says his favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving would have to be the “mashed potatoes and least favorite: the cranberry sauce because it’s kind of gross”. Robby’s overall opinion of Thanksgiving food is that he “look(s) forward to it every year”. Freshman Cate Gibbons says that her “favorite food is pumpkin pie and least favorite is stuffing”. Many people would agree with Cate, because how could you go wrong with pumpkin pie? 

     If you think about it, we only eat this grand meal one time a year. Meanwhile, everyone claims how much they like it. Why do we only have it one time a year then? Why not more often. People don’t really like all of it when it comes down to the truth. The biggest part that they like about Thanksgiving is gathering with loved ones. This is truly what Thanksgiving is about. Not just the meal.