November Student Government Update

Maggie Vann, Reporter


For a larger project, Student Government would like to fix up the girl’s locker room. They want to make them nicer, but it’s a Title 9 issue, which means it’s bigger than student government. However, they are working on doing what they can to make the locker rooms more pleasant. Last year, Student Government’s larger project was placing TVs in the commons. These TVs give information on dates and upcoming events. Student Government is working on their “larger project” currently. 


One of the complaints from students is how low quality some of the water fountains are. So, Ms. Henthorn and the student body is working on it. They have 2 extra water fountains currently that they can exchange for the older ones. They want to replace the warmer water fountains and less sanitary ones. 


A couple smaller projects are also being worked on. One is putting air fresheners in the bathrooms. This will take action right after Thanksgiving break, in hopes of improving the Hellgate bathroom experience. There is also a new NBI video on recycling coming out soon. 


A new committee, Friday Fun Day, has been working with Student Government. This is a great opportunity to meet new people doing fun activities. The previous activities were held on November 21 and 22. They had dodgeball tournaments during lunch. Stay tuned for updates for the upcoming Friday activity. 


A Student Government Instagram page was recently created. It’s called HHSstudentgov_ and will post updates on themes for events, and other upcoming activities. Clara Tallent is the PR Committee Chairman for Student Government, and has been working on it.  


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Sophomore class president and vice president Griffin Kinch and Brogan Callaghan are working on giving back to the community. They are raising money to provide Thanksgiving dinners for around 2 or 3 families.