KSI vs Logan Paul

Oliver Beck, Reporter

     Last year, on August 28, 2018, both KSI and Logan Paul’s hands were raised at the end of their historic fight, indicating a draw. Many of the 15,000-strong crowd greeted the decision with boos, and many reacted online to suggest the result was merely a way of ensuring there would be a second fight, and the opportunity to make more money. 

     The two amatuer fighters/youtubers began training for a second time. It was announced that the fight on November 9th would be broadcasted on DAZN and Sky Sports. The fighters would not have headgear this time around, and would be using 10oz gloves, two ounces lighter than they previously used. 

     Paul predicted a “first round decapitation”. The two exchanged very heated words during the entire training period. It was very tense leading up to the fight when the two faced off. Most people in the professional boxing world were impressed with their level of seriousness, and how professional they were about the preparation for the fight. Logan Paul’s trainer Shannon Briggs had a professional record of 51-6-1(45 KOs), and KSIs trainer Vidal has no Pro wins.

     Paul was upset with the decision after the fight, blaming the point deduction for his loss. The YouTube star said he was going to challenge the decision to the commission.

     While KSI says he’s done with Logan Paul, Jake Paul (Logan’s younger brother) claims he wants to fight KSI and said he’s turned professional, so don’t be surprised if some sort of fight with the younger brother takes place in the near future.

     Round 4 was critical in the outcome of the fight. With 42 seconds left in the round, KSI took a solid uppercut to the chin and went down. But KSI was also hit while he was down, so the referee awarded Paul with a knockdown, but docked two points from him, a critical decision in what had been a close fight so far.

     KSI also had a few crucial blows on Logan Paul in Round 3. Paul went down to the ground for a brief moment in this round, but got right back up. The commentators alleged he was hit in the back of the head by KSI. Replay later on confirmed Paul was hit, and the commentators said it should be ruled as a knockdown. The referee, however, said it was not a knockdown.