No-Shave November Part One

Audrey Warren and Gabi Wilson

     It’s that time again. “The hairiest time of the year,” also known as No-Shave November. Yes! it’s upon us, and we are about to cover every single hairy detail of this month. Many people are participating at Hellgate, and are letting their luscious locks grow. You should too!

     The true point of “No-Shave November” is to raise awareness of many cancer patients that lose their hair. We should be embracing all of our hair and letting it grow out because some others can’t. People even go above and beyond and donate the money they typically use to buy shaving products and such to cancer prevention. You may not have known that this was the true reason behind “No-Shave November,” but there you go. 

     Chris Ledyard, Max Jakob, and Calvin Beighle, along with many other students at Hellgate, are all participating in the trend. They thought it would be a fun thing to do together, and it is. So, join in and participate with your friends too! We as

Chris Ledyard showing off his fresh beard

ked Chris if he knew the real purpose of No-Shave November. He replied “I thought it was to look stupid with your friends. I didn’t know the reason but 

now that I do it makes me feel better about it.” This is Chris’ fourth year participating. He started his freshman year when he “barely even had facial hair.” Nevertheless, Chris is killing No-Shave November with his friends, and just having a good time. 

     Shortly after, we spoke with Max Jakob. “I think that No-Shave November is my excuse to grow out my filthy beard. It’s pretty fresh right now, so I’m not too proud.” Max told us that he felt like every month should be No-Shave November. Once Max found 

Max Jakob showing off his clean beard

out that No-Shave November was to help raise awareness for cancer, he felt twenty times better about growing out his facial hair than he ever did before. “I’ve been participating in No-Shave November since the day I was born, and junior year was the first year I can say that I grew out a full beard. That was definitely my proudest year.”

     Once both of the boys understood that No-Shave November was not just a time to compete with your friends who can grow the fullest and dirtiest beard, but that its spreading awareness for cancer patients who might not be able to grow hair, they both felt really good about their decision in growing out their hair. “Now we can tell the ladies that we are raising awareness for cancer instead of just competing with our friends with who can grow the best beard,” Max Jakob said.

     So, if you’re participating this month, you can say two things. First, you’re growing a stunning beard, or some pretty pit hairs that you’re maybe thinking about dying, or even some good old fashioned caveman legs. Second, you’re spreading awareness for cancer patients who can’t grow hair due to their sickness. Either way, you are helping to support a cause.