Fortnite Chapter 2

Oliver Beck, Reporter

     With the end of Fortnite Chapter one, the game’s millions of players around the world were unsure of what the future of Fortnite would be. Many livestreamers across all platforms were scared they would have to start all over from scratch building up the talent that they had in Fortnite. 

     When the game was literally sucked into a blackhole on October 14th, nobody knew what would happen next. Later the next day, a whole new chapter of Fortnite was released, and it was the buzz all across Instagram and other social media platforms for days. It was a race for Youtubers and streamers to get the new content from Chapter two out into the world. 

     Fortnite has also confirmed the use of bots while they still are in the process of fixing bugs.

     The most effective marketing tactic that the creators at Epic Games have used is weekly updates that constantly add new weapons, outfits, and special events to keep players interested. Welcoming more than 250 million players and earning more than $2.4 billion from in-game microtransactions, Fortnite has absolutely taken off since 2017. They made more major changes this time around in chapter 2.

     As the hype simmered down, everyone began playing the game pretty competitively once again and it gave room for the players to find all the changes made to the game. The biggest and most obvious change in Chapter 2 is the game’s new map. The new map still has the same style of hills and forests that players are used to, but there are now other natural features like rivers that split up the map. To make navigating these rivers a little easier, Epic has also added a new boat vehicle. There are also several new named locations, and a few returning favorites like Pleasant Park and Salty Springs.

     The most groundbreaking weapons changes are the new AUG, new SMGs such as the new P90, and a new healing Bazooka that fires bandages.