What’s Your Opinion? Hellgate Sexism

Hellgate High School has a wide variety of people, activities, and classes. They try to have something for everyone. In some of the classes you get judged for not being strong enough, or not being the right fit for the job. Some people feel as if Hellgate is sexist and some don’t. 

An anonymous male Hellgate student said, “ I think that inherently, there is always going to be sexism prevalent within the school system, partially because of how certain people were raised and due to their beliefs. But what I have noticed at Hellgate is that girls and boys tend to all hang out together instead of separating into their own groups, for the most part. So no matter what, there will always be sexism but I don’t think it is as bad or prevalent as I have seen in other places. Although I do see boys objectifying girls pretty often.”

Hailey Flamand said, “I don’t think Hellgate is sexist because I’ve never seen or heard anything to make me believe it is, I also haven’t looked for it so if there was any I wasn’t aware.” 

In my opinion I think that there are times where girls are the second pick or the afterthought. I feel like this plays a big role when it comes to sports. Everyone will talk about the boys game but never the girls, and when both teams have a home game there will be a lot of student support at the guys game and then when it comes to the girls turn there’s a little more than half of the students support still there. 

When it comes to the dress code side of things, I see both ways. Girls can sometimes get carried away with what they wear. Sometimes, we as females get a little on the explicit side of things when it comes to what we choose to wear. Sometimes, I as a girl myself get uncomfortable when I see a girl walking around showing skin. But then at the same time I also feel like if females do wear something daring we get looked at or possibly talked to, but if a male were to wear a crop top and some short that that were really short people would just find it funny. They wouldn’t even care to think that he shouldn’t be wearing that. 

Overall I think you’re going to have a little bit of sexism no matter where you are and how you look at it.