Vaping Isn’t As Cool As You Think

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

Vaping has been a very hot topic lately. It has been all over the news. This is because recently, various people have been hospitalized because of their lungs. Google’s definition of vaping is “the action of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by and electric cigarette or similar device.”  

Vaping is very popular among the youth today such as teens and people in their 20s. The main brand who is selling vapes is Juul. They market their products specifically to the younger people. The company has many flavors that are all appealing and fruity. Many people are attracted to this aspect of vaping. 

Recently, many people have been hospitalized due to their lung health and vaping. Vaping has even caused approximately 33 people to die, and about 530 people are in critical condition. The problem is that the vaporized oil sticks to the inside of your lungs when you inhale, and if the oil keeps building up, yours lungs start to get “smaller”. 

While vaping may not negatively affect you right now, you’ll surely experience its effects later in life. You will barely be able to climb stairs, or breathe well in sports. Vaping damages your gums and your teeth. In the long run vaping won’t work out for you.

Flavored vapes have been banned in many places including Montana,  because many people are attracted to the many fruity flavors. People quit vaping by using patches, nicotine gum, and throat lozenges. If you are deciding to quit, create a plan with steps and stick to it. Vaping isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.