Missoula Ghosts

Sophia Geranios, Reporter

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Do you believe in ghosts? Even if you don’t, perhaps you’ve felt the presence of an unearthly being; a shiver down your spine, a cold draft in an otherwise warm room, a tap on your shoulder only to find no one there. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, here is a list of the top alleged Missoulian ghost hotspots.


  1. Oxford Saloon- This downtown hangout, founded in 1883, has been said to house a ghostly trio of cowboys. These cowboys aren’t rumored to be harmful or even mischievous, reports say they merely enjoy engaging guests and staff in conversation. So stop by, have dinner and just maybe speak with a spirit or three.


  1. Missoula Children’s Theater- A Phantom of the Opera situation is rumored to be afoot in the local theater. The poltergeist who lives on set supposedly prompts actors in the plays he approves of, and messes up the story lines of plays he doesn’t. 


  1. University of Montana- Founded in 1893, the U of M has the most supposed ghost activity in Missoula. The first location is Brantley Hall, where the ghost of a student who committed suicide after her family lost their ranch in the great depression lurks. In Jeanette Rankin Hall roams not one, but instead, a whole class of apparitions who attend the occasional lecture. 


  1. Zakos House- This residential downtown Missoulian home has what seem to be the most credible accounts of paranormal activity. The original 1930’s residents of this house continually heard screams coming from somewhere within their home, and 26 years later finally had an exorcism performed. Then, in the 80’s, the specter returned and this time doodled upon the walls. The current house owners renovated the house, and since, have not experienced any further ghostly pranks.


  1. Hellgate High School- This haunt hits closer to home, for in Hellgate’s century old halls roams a presence of some sort. It is not 100% sure what exactly lives in our school, but in 2013 a group of Journalism students and their teacher along with paranormal researchers set up audio recording devices in the auditorium, and when played back sounds as if a little girl is calling “mommy, mommy”.


You can decide for yourself if you believe in these rumors or not. Maybe you even have a paranormal experience of your own in one of these locations, or elsewhere. Drop by one of these places and look for a ghost story of your own this Halloween season. Be careful and happy ghost hunting!