Badminton Club Begins

Sophia Geranios, Reporter

When you think of badminton you most likely think of a unit in gym or a recreational activity for a boring afternoon, but the founder of Hellgate’s first badminton club Lily Wright saw an opportunity.

This summer when she began frequently playing with friends she was inspired to turn this fun summer sport into an all year club. She immediately put the idea into motion, taking the initiative to email Principal Judson Miller and get a school staff member to back the club. Wright says her goal for the club is “for everyone to have fun, and provide a good experience”. 

When asked if she faced any obstacles in setting up the club she said, “I faced some issues in getting enough equipment suitable for the number of players, and to recruit enough members.” The club meets on Mondays after school at Bonner park, as well as having an optional opportunity to play in the courtyard at lunch (also on Mondays). At lunch the nets will be set up on arrival and rackets and a birdie will be provided. There will be teams of two and one player will rotate out every few points to give the other players in line a turn. After school practices essentially follow the same schedule, although more nets will be available, players will partner up or be partnered and play against other teams. Wright also hopes to organize weekend tournaments open to anyone. If you can’t commit to a practice every week, or you’re in a fall sport, you still have the opportunity to play.

Sept. 16 marked the first meeting of Badminton club, with a successful lunch turnout, although unfortunately the after school meeting had a smaller amount of players. Wright hopes to continue to spread the word, and recruit more members through social media outreach, posters across the school, and the positive reviews of the members already in the club.  

If you’re still not convinced to join, the attraction of it was described as “A fun way to play a non-competitive sport with friends” by co-founder Mackayla Kennedy-Harris.

  To stay updated on club info, follow @hellgatebadminton on Instagram, or join the Remind by texting @3fb4f6 to 810-10.