Hurricane Dorian Devastates Lives

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

     Hurricane Dorian has greatly affected the Bahamas. It formed on Aug. 23, 2019. The storm hit the Bahamas on Aug. 24 of 2019. It was a devastating category five storm. The National Hurricane Center said that the eye of the storm was believed to be 23 miles. Its sustained winds reached 185 miles per hour. The storm is now down to a category one storm. 


     Many people were affected by the natural disaster that caused a considerable amount of damage. The estimated number of missing people is around 2,500. The amount of people left homeless after the disaster was at least 70,000. The storm left about 200,000 people without power. They have counted 44 people to be dead. 


     Around 10,000 people die per year due to hurricanes. In case of a hurricane emergency, we are instructed to go to higher grounds, stay inside due to flying objects outside, and evacuate if necessary. Experts say the safest place to be in a hurricane is away from windows and glass, and in a bathroom or closet of some sort. 


     Hurricane Dorian has wrecked many homes and lives. You can help others who have been affected by hurricanes. In some situations, the government has provided emergency food and water for those affected. You can give blood to those who have been injured during the storm. Donating goods like perishable items and bottled water is never a bad thing. Volunteering to help clean, rebuild, and more is always a helpful thing to do in any situation. Doing even the slightest things shows that you care.