Hellgate Knights Student Section Gets Rowdy

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

If you are ever looking for a place to get pumped up with a bunch of friends, come join the Hellgate student section. This particular student section is one of the best places to get hyped. Everyone who joins is expected to go to Hellgate High, be loud, and participate. 

There are always fun themes to go along with for each game. Some themes are black out, beach out, and classic school colors red and gold. These themes provide an excuse to get dressed up in crazy outfits and go all out. 

Students love the student section. Brogan Callaghan, a sophomore at Hellgate, believes that the best part of the student section is “just having tons of fun with my friends and chanting funny stuff.” Rhi Hallgren said, “the student section is super energized and is a great way to cheer on the athletes.” Many adults think that it’s the culture of high school to have a wild student section. 

Here are some tips for having school spirit in the student section. First is to always be loud and chant everything. Seniors guide the section in all its elements, so follow along and continue with the well-known things they shout. Make sure that you dress out with the theme that is planned for that night. Typically seniors get the first few rows, juniors get the next, then sophomores are below the freshman who are placed at the top. Be sure to stand in your section!

You can join the student section at football, volleyball, basketball games and more. This is a place to show off your school spirit to an opposing team. So come join and let’s show them what Hellgate High is made of. Hellgate Knights are red hot! Let’s go Knights!