Where to Get Mid Day Munchies With in Walking Distance of Hellgate

Audrey Warren, Reporter

     We all know that feeling mid way through fourth period, when your stomach won’t stop growling and you get super hungry. All the hard work you have been doing stops and all you can think about is food. Maybe you start looking up photos of pizza, tacos, donuts even. Nothing to fear because you can get all of that food to feed your starving stomach within walking distance of Hellgate!

     Pizza? Burritos? Donuts? Ice cream? Coffee? Smoothies? Waffles? Smoothie bowls? Free bread? You name it! Once you step foot out of Hellgate, your journey begins to find the BEST food nearby and to fulfill your satisfaction of eating the perfect bite of food in forty five minutes. After a long 4 periods and with 3 more to go, food is what keeps most of us going for the last two and a half hours of the school day.

     Want a juicy taco or burrito? Even dollar tater tots on Tuesday? Or a warm crispy churro? Taco Sano has got you covered! With a wide variety of taco and burrito styles there is most definitely something you can find to munch on during your lunch break. Katie Knie and Lily Cregg both like Taco Sano because its good quality food and its cheap, which is a huge plus for high school students. Want greasy pizza that makes your mouth water? I think you do. Bridge Pizza has several kinds of pizza ready to go when you walk in the door. What about a healthy option? Green Source has smoothies, smoothie bowls, waffles, juices and a lot of other healthy options. Right next door to them is Veera Donuts. They make vegan donuts that are delicious and definitely a mood booster for the rest of the day.

     Food is so important to our everyday lives. If we don’t eat, we die. So eat food. It will help you get through your day. Walk to a local business and get yourself some food so full you can barely walk back to school. Then crush the rest of your day with your full stomach!