Advice from Hellgate Seniors

As seniors leave Hellgate, we asked them for one phrase that they wish they heard as incoming freshman...

Dylan Yonce & Sarah Kronner

Photo courtesy of Hellgate Yearbook

Appreciate the people around you.

Challenge yourself

Make mistakes and get in trouble (you’re not 18 yet).

Waste time, but not too much

Do your homework.

Get good sleep.

Don’t be loud and obnoxious

Always bring a water bottle to school

Make new friends, but never leave your old ones

Remember that four years seems long but will be over in an instant

Go out to lunch.

Skip class.

Procrastinate on a project

Join a club.

Keep your enemies close

Don’t eat in the library

Black coffee is your friend

Push your boundaries

Don’t change for anyone, and

Let your heart be broken.

Find something fun that helps you relax

Cut your hair into a mullet. Once.

Take the block


Get a tattoo

Go to a protest

Meet with Mr. Miller

Be kind to your family

Make fun of a freshman.

Take art with Mr. Pauls

Run cross country

Apply to your dream school

Go to Sparkle Laundry

Do stuff because you love it, not for your resume

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Go to prom.

Appreciate free education while you have it


Don’t peak in high school!