Top Three Best Things About Hellgate

Jason Upton, Sports Editor

Over the four years I’ve been at Hellgate, there have been a lot of things that stand out. A lot of stuff has gone on, like construction and multiple principals. Everyone knows there’s a lot of things to love about Hellgate.  Here’s my top three.


  1. Teachers

All the teachers have great personalities that keep things interesting. It’s a huge change from elementary and middle school teachers, largely because they can relate to you better and can better form a connection with older, more mature students. Walking through the halls, you’ll always see a teacher with a smile on their face to say hey to. This is the last time you’ll be this close with your teachers, and the last time they’ll pay this much attention to you, so appreciate it.


  1. Spirit

Everyone gets into spirit week, and feel a real pride for their school. People set up meetings with the staff to sort out student problems and create all sorts of interesting clubs. There’s over 20 different clubs that students take part in, with something for virtually anyone. Student activism also runs wild throughout the halls, with groups organizing marches or events to raise awareness for a relevant issue. Whether they’re active in clubs, uniting to protest, or streaking on the football field, Hellgate students have a real interest in school pride.


  1. Tradition

There’s a long list of annual events at Hellgate; the bonfire, spirit week, diversity week, homecoming, spring/winter sports assemblies, the infamous trashion show, plays, crosstown games and many, many more. There’s always something coming up to look forward to and to remember from years before.