Things you should do before you finish high school

To finish off the year right, there are some “stereotypical” high school traditions that we’ve been waiting for since freshman year. The weeks have finally come, and it’s time to partake in these fun class-bonding activities!



  • Get to know people that maybe you haven’t yet


      • Now that these are the last moments to see some of our peers, it’s a great time to get to know the ones that you haven’t yet, so that you don’t have to regret never knowing somebody. Bonding with our class will create special memories and connections to people before we go off and live separate lives.


  • Skip a day of school…


      • Most people have skipped at least one class throughout high school, but participate in senior skip day guilt free because… you deserve a day off!!! Make good choices, and enjoy a fun day!


  • Go in the tunnels!


      • Yes there are tunnels throughout the school as well as underneath. Yes there are ways to get in it just takes some stealth, but you didn’t hear it from me! Definitely worth exploring the secret passageways through the school and discover some of Hellgate’s haunted history.


  • Play a prank


      • Participating in a senior prank is a must before we graduate! Keep it legal and non-suspension worthy, because you can’t get kicked out of the graduation ceremony or want to end the year on a bad note. Also, remember that there are cameras around the school now, so maybe keep the pranks on the non-harmful side!


  • Go to the senior talent show!


    • You don’t necessarily have to partake in the talent show, but go support your peers and discover their “talents” that maybe you didn’t know that they had. Or… do be a part of the talent show! Just think, some of these people you will never see again, so who cares what you show off on stage! As long as your talent is school appropriate I’m sure everybody would be excited to see you do something legendary!