Toast Recipes

Ella DeGrandpre, Arts and Entertainment Editor

It has become very common for coffee shops to serve fancy toasts. While these toasts are delicious, they can be very expensive. Luckily toast is very easy to make at home and it is much cheaper. Here are a few of my favorite toast recipes for you to make at home and save money.


Banana Peanut Butter Toast

1 slice bread

2 tbs peanut butter

½ banana

1 tbs honey


Toast the bread in toaster until golden brown.

Use a butter knife to evenly spread peanut butter on toast.

Cut the half banana into slices and then lay them on top of the peanut butter toast so they are covering all of it.

Drizzle honey on top.


Avocado Toast With a Twist

1 slice bread

2 thick slices manchego cheese

½ avocado

½ tomato

Salt and pepper


Toast the bread in toaster until golden brown.

While bread is toasting place the manchego on a microwavable plate and microwave until very melted and a bit crispy (about 45 seconds on high).

Remove the manchego from the plate and place on top of toast.

Slice avocado and scoop slices out. Lay the avocado pieces on top of the manchego.

Slice tomato into thick slices and place on top of avocado.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.


Pesto and Egg toast

1 slice bread

1 egg

Butter for greasing pan

2 tbs pesto


Toast the bread in toaster until golden brown.

Spread the pesto evenly on the toast.

Fry egg in butter until it is a cooked to the desired consistency.

Place the egg on the pesto toast.