Top 10 Underrated Restaurants in Missoula

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  1. Vietnam Noodle
    1. This restaurant is located in Stephen’s Center by walgreens and CVS. It is tucked away in a not very popular area in town, so this restaurant may not be well known to some. It has authentic Vietnamese food, with a lot of different pho options. There is also really amazing bubble tea!
  2. Fiesta en Jalisco
    1. There are multiple locations around Montana, and is located on Brooks in Missoula across from Kohl’s. You can seat yourself, and the food comes really fast. The tex-mex style food is not that expensive, and delicious!
  3. #1 Gyros
    1. Fast. Cheap. Super good gyros. This restaurant is across from Food Farm. They have really affordable combo meals as well as falafel balls, and different greek salads.
  4. Paul’s Pancake Parlor
    1. Where do I begin? I’m not gonna lie, their pancakes aren’t the best, but you need to try the strawberry roll ups. They are like crepes, filled with strawberries and have whipped cream on top. They also have some really good hash browns.
  5. Liquid Planet Grill
    1. From coffee, tea, chai, even matcha! And really good lunch food like tacos, sandwiches, and not to mention TOTS!!! Also homemade potato chips. LPG has it all and it’s right by campus on Arthur street! Whether you’re gonna crank out some homework, or eat with friends I highly recommend Liquid Planet Grill!!!
  6. Tia’s Big Sky
    1. Tia’s specializes in some banger tamales. They also have really delicious street style tacos. They sell tamales out of a food truck at an assortment of downtown events. If you’re looking for some great street food Tia’s has it.
  7. The Trough
    1. The trough has some great salads and sandwiches. They have lots of different lunch options, as well as an attached grocery store. It is on the east side of town past Big Sky High School, so it is a bit out of the way from Hellgate, but if you happen to be in the area for lunch I recommend!
  8. Iron Griz
    1. The Iron Griz is a laid back sit down restaurant on the University golf course. Their food is reasonably priced, and is great quality! They have intricate meals made with organic local food. They even grow their restaurant in a community garden out front!
  9. Rattlesnake Market
    1. Their salad. Their chicken tenders. Their chicken WRAPS. This place is super low key off of rattlesnake drive, and I’m sure as you know they have a mini grocery store on the side. Needless to say, they have really good food for a good price!
  10. The Notorious P.I.G.
    1. No better place to get ribs in missoula. If you like pork, you’ve found your sanctuary. They even…. Wait for it…. Cater! Pulled pork, assortments of barbecue sauces and mustards, you name it, they make it! They also have amazing cornbread and coleslaw of course.