PROM!!! 2019

Prom is a stressful, yet exciting time. There are a lot of things to figure out to make for a perfect night. From your date, the outfits, corsages and boutonnieres, restaurant reservations, and the post-dance activities. No matter what it’s really exciting, and full of positive energy.

When: May 18th, 2019
Where: the Wilma Theater
What time: Grand march at 7:00 pm, dance starts at 8:00 pm.
Theme: the theme for this year is Starry Night.

Prom is especially stressful this year as there are lots of conflicting events on May 18th. “There are some sports that are conflicting with prom” says senior Nino Paoli. There are track divisionals in Helena starting May 17th, and returning the 18th, soon before prom starts. Though there is technically time to go to prom, that doesn’t take into consideration the getting ready process. There is also state lacrosse over the same weekend. Luckily lacrosse is located in Missoula, though it makes for a really busy weekend!

Although there are some inconvenient conflicts around prom weekend, it will still be an amazing night! Senior Sylvie Graham mentions “there’s a good group of [students] working to put it all together” making sure the night will run smoothly and look great! Sylvie says they will “do whatever it takes to best satisfy the students!” I think that it is important that students have a say in the design of prom, because it’s about the students having a memorable night that only happens a few times in our lives!

Don’t feel like you need a date! Going with friends can be just as much fun as with a date, and relieves any awkward pressure that sometimes happens with a date!
Make a plan ahead of time! This makes for a more organized night. Make reservations for dinner a few weeks ahead of time because spots fill up! It is better knowing what to expect for the night, then doing things last minute, though sometimes plans just change!
Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. There is nothing more stressful than rushing yourself to get ready, and being late!