The Importance of Travel

Elijah Weston-Capulong, Sports Editor

Humans have roamed and explored the earth for almost 2.5 million years, yet this generation is one of the first in which we haven’t many don’t feel the need to travel. Nowadays, anyone can access the wonders of old architecture, or the marvels of nature without leaving their rooms. This is a turning point in our history, which has both up and down sides. On the bright side, many can experience the world in a way they have never before, by touring the streets of Beijing or the canals of Venice on Google Earth. The downside of this new technology is the fact that, given the ability to see almost every city in the world from one room, many of us don’t feel the need to leave our beds.


Traveling is one of the most important things in anybody’s life. It allows you to learn about the world in a way nothing else can, allowing us to engage with our classroom. Instead of learning about foreign cultures and ancient civilizations through books and videos, traveling will force you to wonder about the places you’re going, it will give you an obligation to learn more. Finally, traveling allows us to meet people whom we would otherwise never know.


Even if, not everybody is able to travel to extravagant countries. But, thankfully, within Montana and the states surrounding it, are a numerous amount of beautiful places to travel on a budget. Here are 2 of the best 1-2 day trips, easily accessible for most people in Missoula. (Pricing for three Adults)


  1. Lolo Hot Springs, (21$ plus food for three people), 43 minute drive.


With its casual vibe and homey atmosphere, Lolo Hot Springs has become a staple of Western Montana. Its pools range from 102-106 degrees Fahrenheit, with a “cold” pool open during the summer schedule. In addition to its infamous pools, Lolo Hot Springs also offers a 18-hole Frisbee-golf course, a delicious restaurant, serving American diner style steaks and burgers, and a casino. With its easy access and low price point, Lolo Hot Springs attracts many tourists and locals alike, making it the perfect place to enjoy time with other. If you don’t just want to spend the day there, don’t worry, the resort offers tenting (16$), RV (24$), and Lodge (starting at 40$) services.


  1. Glacier National Park, (35$ per vehicle), 2 hr 45 min drive.


Considered one of the most beautiful and places unique places in the US, Glacier National Park is the perfect day trip. A little farther away than Lolo Hot Springs, a full day of enjoying Glacier’s beauty plus time for travel, will make for a long day. Even if, the variety of things to do in the park is endless, making your trip worth the money and the wait. Hiking, Biking, fishing, and enjoying the beautifully clear waters from the Glacier runoff, are some of the most popular things to do in Glacier, with some of the main attractions including Going to the Sun Road, the Grinnell Glacier, and Lake McDonald.