Snapchat: How it is Ruining our Relationships with People

A boy randomly adds you on Snapchat, saying he “added by username.” So many thoughts run through your head, right? Why did he add you? How did he get your username? What does this mean??? Snapchat is a form of communication to send pictures to your added friends, share stories, and new updates show news stories and blog companies. I’m not gonna lie, Snapchat is addicting. It’s fun to share funny snaps to your friends. What’s not as much fun is the pressure behind snapchatting new people in a way that’s “more than friends.” It’s in teen’s culture to expect that snapping a new boy or girl means that it might go somewhere. It’s not necessarily Snapchat’s platform that creates a communication problem, but the intentions of people using snapchat. Many people use snapchat with the intentions of using it like a dating app. This isn’t always beneficial to finding a partner, because people tend to rely on snapchat too much when making connections with people. Our culture essentially lives online, so it’s important that we can recognize when the media isn’t necessary. Sometimes snapchat can be so pointless, like sending pictures back and forth. The only thing that people are communicating to each other are selfies, not even real conversations. I think the idea of snapchatting people seems so exciting at first because it’s fun to talk to new people, and feel like someone is interested in you. As time goes on, Snapchat becomes dull if there aren’t any real conversations. I think that people should expand their forms of communication from Snapchat, because there are so many better and more interesting ways to get to know people. Of course I’m still gonna use Snapchat to talk to people and send funny pictures, but I just hate the pressure of snapchatting someone, when it means “something more” when it doesn’t necessarily have to.