Top 10 Netflix Shows

Sarah Kronner, A&E Editor

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Top 10 Netflix Shows
There is no shortage of quality television series on Netflix. Here is a list of the top 10 to binge watch this season! There’s a range of old to modern shows, as well as a wide variety of genres, including comedies, dramas, science-fiction, and even cartoons. It’s highly likely that you’ll enjoy at least one of these incredible series!

1. The Office: This simplistic and humorous documentary follows the daily lives of employees at Dunder Mifflin, a paper company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. There’s a wide variety of characters, all of which possess a unique and hilarious personality, including Michael Scott, the infamous and lovable boss, played by Steve Carell. This witty and entertaining show is a classic, and appeals to a large audience.
2. Parks and Recreation: Parks and Rec is the modern day Office. It follows the same format, focusing on the employees of the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, Indiana. Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman, is the director of the department, and Leslie Knope, portrayed by Amy Poehler, plays a politically active and enthusiastic employee. Leslie Knope is the stark opposite of her boss, Ron Swanson, who dislikes the government and human interaction, making for a comical series.
3. Quantico: This intense and action packed series follows the training process of becoming a special agent in the FBI. Each recruit holds a dark secret that ties into their personal reason for working for the FBI. Later in the show, one of the recruits secrets is suspected to be their involvement behind a deadly terrorist attack.
4. Stranger Things: This 80s inspired series takes place in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, where there’s a scientific lab that does secret experiments on the paranormal world. When four friends are out biking, one of them, Will Dyers, is taken by a mysterious creature into the Upside Down, the world studied by the lab. The three remaining friends come across a girl that escaped the lab, Eleven, who uses her telekinetic skills to help them find Will. The whole town is affected heavily by the introduction of the unknown dimension into their world, as they’re determined to find Will, and figure out what the Upside Down is.
5. Dear White People: This progressive Netflix-original, adapted from the 2014 film, follows the black minority in a prestigious College, Winchester University. The main character, Sam, discusses racial injustices that occur at school on her radio show, Dear White People. It covers the relevant issues of racism, white privilege, and police brutality, while remaining fun to watch with it’s hints of comedic irony.
6. American Vandal: American Vandal is a satirical crime scene documentary that contains every aspect of a true crime show, except for the unusually hilarious crime that it follows. Highschool student, Dylan Maxwell, is accused of spray painting obscene images on the teachers’ cars, and may not graduate because of it. The brilliant documentary traces the actions of Maxwell and his peers leading up to the vandal to ultimately solve the mystery of who did it.
7. New Girl: This light-hearted and comedic show follows a group of 3 guys, each with a very different personality, that adopt a new high-spirited roommate, Jess. Living in a loft in New York together, they’re presented with hilarious scenarios in which the group of dysfunctional friends, including Jess’s best friend CeCe, have to overcome.
8. The 100: Generations after civilization on earth was destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse, the small amount of survivors live on a space ark, consisting of a number of space stations. As resources and living space become scare, one hundred juvenile delinquents are sent to the planet of earth to rebuild civilization, and ensure the living situation is safe for the rest of the population. The kids face many trials, as they learn how to exist with each other, and navigate the unknown planet.
9. Big Mouth: Nick Kroll’s comedic cartoon is an accurately hilarious depiction of the effects of puberty on middle schoolers. As the characters grow up, they endure new and terrifying experiences, and learn more about themselves and the world. They go through life’s challenges, and prepare for adulthood with the help of their ‘hormone monsters.’
10. Black Mirror: In a world where the reliance on technology is rapidly increasing, Black Mirror comments on the future of our society. In a series of dark episodes, each revealing a deep truth about humans, it uncovers the anxiety that arises from the fear of technology becoming too advanced to be in our control.