Holiday Activities

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Night sledding with glow sticks
This fun twist on sledding changes it from a childhood experience, to a night you’ll remember. Bundle up, and head to the slopes!
Musical jets in the hot tub
it’s like musical chairs, but when you get out, you have to sit in the snow until the next round. Try with friends, or your family! Unlike most winter activities, this one will keep you warm! At least if you win…
Decorating gingerbread cookies
This winter activity is a classic! It’s fun, and edible! You can decorate cookies with your friends and family, but make sure to save some for Santa!
Snowshoeing in the Rattlesnake
Snowshoeing is the next cross country skiing. Do you ever wish you could just walk around in the winter with ease? Snowshoeing is the activity for you!
Mario kart tournament with the squad – loser has to sleep outside in the snow
This activity isn’t exclusive to the wintertime, but sure is fun when it’s -20 degrees outside. Get out your controllers and start gaming.