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Dylan Yonce, Op-Ed Editor

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Early in September, New York Times columnist, David Brooks came to speak at the University of Montana and the Wilma theater in Missoula. Most of his lecture was about the importance of identity and finding a culture or community that is compelling. He argues that character should be held in the highest of regards, particularly when it comes to leaders and other people of influence. His words inspired me to think about my own identity, and how I fit into my high school community and the wider community circles that I am included in either by choice, or condition.
I’m not sure if Brooks would agree with me on this, but people too often don’t take time to reflect on the kind of person they are or the kind of person they hope to become. The truth is, we all have things that we can improve upon and things that are best left alone. It’s not about changing the kind of people we are, but about highlighting the best qualities that are prevalent within us and using them to make a beneficial contribution to the communities that we are part of. For example, I know that I am ‘bossy’, a quality that can sometimes come off as quite obnoxious and it is not something that I particularly enjoy about myself, but it is true, and I have reluctantly accepted it. “Dylan can go from the Diplomat to the Dictator in like two seconds”, says NHS Secretary, Samuel Lund, “but she is getting better at letting other people take on and contribute to some of her responsibilities.” That being said, I have used my assertiveness to become a political activist and leader in my community, both in and out of Hellgate. It is important that we embrace our worst qualities and turn them into our best.
I am also well known for being ‘intimidating’ and ‘overly outgoing’, and as put by Nino Paoli, “When you think Dylan is mad at you, it’s probably just her resting b**** face.” I have started to use my outgoing personality to rally students, meet community members, and speak about issues that are of particular importance to me. If I come across as intimidating to people that don’t know me, I have my outgoing personality to rein them in and show them otherwise. It is an interesting combination and one that will definitely benefit my politically driven career.
These qualities that would typically be seen as undesirable have actually shaped the person that I am. “Dylan’s personality traits could be used in a lot of different ways, [some worse than others] and it’s great that she chooses to use them to promote positive change”, says senior Madeline Swanberg.
High school provides the perfect place for us, as students, to explore different influences that have gotten us here, and to reflect on the things that we either need to improve upon or continue to excel at. Take time to look at, criticize, and celebrate everything that you are, because it feels good to know that you are in control of the way your qualities are perceived and used, and if you come out of high school having learned absolutely nothing, at least you’ll know who you are, or who you want to be.

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Dylan Yonce is a senior at Hellgate High School.  This year she will be covering all things political for the Lance, focusing on global, national, and...

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