Say What?! Yellow Line

Dylan Yonce, News Editor

With new schedules, construction, and a new class of students entering the halls, there have been a lot of changes at Hellgate.  The most controversial change being the newly taped “yellow line” that keeps students in the commons area during lunch and office hours.  Students must receive passes from teachers to cross into the rest of the school during these times. There are many administrative reasons behind the new policy including student safety, and reduced work for the janitorial staff at Hellgate.  The previous lunch policy was also violating teacher contracts because teachers often couldn’t get a break from student activity in the hallways. Here’s what students have to say…


Photo By Dylan Yonce

Sam Triepke (Senior)

“[As is], it’s really bad.  I think we should just extend the borders up the stairs and have limited areas on each floor, so everybody can fit comfortably in the school”







Photo By Dylan Yonce

Zia Kloetzel (11)

“So, as I can tell right now, I have been talking to a lot of the students, who have been talking to the staff at this school, and a lot of the issue, which Mr. Miller didn’t tell us at the assembly, is that the custodians have a lot of issues with cleaning the whole school every day, because they are understaffed.  It is much more kind to the custodians, but it is also an inconvenience for students that might have to go out for lunch more often, or put their life on the line in traffic… In the winter when it’s really cold, we are going to have to fit 1200 students in one half of the first floor of the school, which is going to be really hard.” 


Photo By Dylan Yonce

Evan Yonce (10)

“The ‘yellow line’ is really inconvenient for students who need to talk to teachers or attend clubs at lunch.  It’s really frustrating, but I also understand the frustration of the custodians who have to clean the entire school.  I think we need to come up with a good compromise because it’s not working for students right now.” 




Photo By Dylan Yonce

Lucia Baker (09)

“I think it’s really stupid because there isn’t a lot of room in town or in the school, especially when you block off a majority of the school, and there are just a lot of people.  I want to go to my locker or to my teachers, but I can’t because it’s not in the yellow lines.”